What makes a platform the leading offering? According to Forrester Research’s 2018 IIoT Wave‚ released August 9‚ five factors matter:

  • Strength of the platform
  • Significant focus on industrial use cases
  • Native support for industrial data sets and protocols
  • A strong international presence
  • Significant interest from customers

Only C3.ai has a complete AI and IoT product offering and strategy‚ among the 15 platforms Forrester evaluated. This is a result of our nine-year‚ $400 million investment in the best AI and IoT platform. It is reflected in the quality of our team and our commitment to support leading global customers such as the Department of Defense‚ 3M‚ Con Edison‚ NYPA‚ Engie.

In addition to the top product offering‚ C3.ai received the highest scores in four categories: analytics and data‚ security‚ professional services‚ and management console.

“C3.ai differentiates with analytics”

Forrester’s assessment reflects the C3 AI Platform rich analytics and data capabilities. This includes the tools data scientists are comfortable with—core infrastructure capabilities such as Spark‚ Cassandra‚ PostgreSQL‚ Kubernetes‚ or Kafka. Third party libraries and repositories are fully configurable to support a comprehensive list of open-source and licensed packages. Data scientists and application developers use tools pre-packaged with the platform‚ including Tensorboard‚ Eclipse‚ Jupyter Notebooks‚ Splunk‚ Google Analytics‚ and KISSMetrics. C3.ai provides hybrid cloud capabilities‚ combining services‚ technologies‚ and APIs from AWS‚ Azure‚ and the Google Cloud Platform. (Both AWS and Microsoft—important partners for C3.ai—are also included in the Forrester Wave. Together‚ we provide powerful AI and IoT capabilities for customers.)

Top-notch security

Protecting the security of customers’ data is a paramount concern. The C3 AI Platform uses state-of-the-art AI-based endpoint protection‚ intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS)‚ and multi-factor authentication. Other security measures include:

  • Continuous Event Logging and Vulnerability Scanning
  • Data Loss Prevention and Protection System (DLP)
  • Role-Based and Least-Privilege Access
  • Data Encryption at Rest and in Transit
  • Encryption Key Management System
  • Network Segregation
  • Mobile Device Management System

These capabilities form a robust security architecture underpinning all C3.ai deployments. C3.ai’s comprehensive security measures have been subjected to rigorous external audits‚ and we regularly perform vulnerability and penetration testing.

Highest caliber professional services

Because we solve difficult problems that have never been solved before‚ C3.ai works with customers to define use cases and to develop applications. Our strong set of services include deployment‚ training‚ and operations support. We offer a growing community of C3 AI Platform developers‚ online community support‚ and the C3.ai Center of Excellence to ensure success.

Robust management console and development tools

Thanks to the C3 Type System’s powerful abstraction capabilities‚ management and development is simplified for all users. The comprehensive C3.ai visual development tools enables developers and data scientists to build data interchange formats‚ data models‚ application logic‚ AI/ML features and algorithms‚ and user interfaces. The C3.ai Tools also provide visual and code interfaces to track production model efficacy‚ trigger automatic model retraining‚ and promote models to environments.

What makes us proud of the Forrester rating is not only the recognition of the work the C3.ai team has put in to build the C3 AI Platform‚ but more importantly‚ of the value and benefits it brings our customers and partners.

Houman Behzadi is Chief Product Officer at C3.ai‚ where he leads product management‚ engineering‚ data science‚ global services‚ and hosting operations. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of California in Santa Barbara. Houman’s full bio is here.

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