Third Party Support / Integrations

On-demand Jupyter Service

Use on-demand Jupyter environments running in configurable containers with open-source libraries from Conda, PIP, or CRAN​.

  • Use Jupyter Notebook to view data stored in C3 AI Models​
  • Easily fetch instances of a C3 AI Model, and view as tables in a notebook​
  • Readily visualize and plot time series data​
  • Use your favorite libraries to visualize and explore data​

On-demand Juypter Service

Multi-language SDK’s

Develop and run custom Python functions that are checked into your GitHub repository, tested using PyTest and CI/CD processes, then executed natively in a notebook or converted to an application API.​ Bring your own client in situations with remote connectivity and connect to all the C3 AI Platform data and services using Python and R SDKs.

Open Platform

Spend more time building better models when using state-of-the-art AI/ML technologies like Spark MLlib, TensorFlow, scikit-learn, cuDNN, SciPy, Caffe, PyTorch, AWS ML, Lex, Polly, Rekognition, Azure ML,, Stanford Core NLP, and NLTK in one collaborative data science workspace built for the enterprise.

Open Platform