Avoid Supply Chain Disruptions by Mitigating Vulnerabilities Early

AI Insights to Mitigate Supply Chain Risks

C3 AI Supply Network Risk applies advanced machine learning and other AI techniques to help enterprises identify current and future risks across the whole supply chain including inbound supplier delays, order delivery risks, and manufacturing bottlenecks. The application helps supply chain operators understand root causes and initiate appropriate mitigating actions to maintain a resilient and performant supply chain.​

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Demonstrated Benefits


Increase in on-time-in-full
(OTIF) performance


Increase in product


Inventory service levels

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Reduce Risk Across the Supply Network

Pain Point
C3 AI Supply Network Risk Solution

Supply chain nodes documented across disparate systems

Unified supply chain digital twin represents all supplier and internal nodes and movements

Disconnected supplier data

Supplier portfolio, redundancies and resiliency are presented for introspection and bottleneck analysis

Rules-based analytics are reactive and too late to impact OTIF performance

AI-based techniques predict key supply risks and recommend remediations

Planners cannot simulate impacts to supply chain modifications

Robust ”what-if” scenario modeling within the application enables planners to evaluate hypotheses

External data like news and weather are not utilized

External disruptions (weather, strikes, unrest, etc.) are included to present a 360-view of the key supply chain risks

Customer Viewpoints

Lorenzo Simonelli
Lorenzo Simonelli

Lorenzo Simonelli

Chairman and CEO

“Most people start off by thinking they can do it themselves. It is not easy to digitally transform. Go to the experts. C3 AI provides that expertise.”

Scott Parent
Scott Parent

Scott Parent

VP, Enterprise Engineering & Technology

“What the teams found is ingestion is happening about 80% faster with about 1/10 the resources”

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